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Cashew & Hazelnut Butter (Pack of 8)

Cashew & Hazelnut Butter (Pack of 8)

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Stroom’s Centre Filled Bars are light on calories and heavy on energy and taste. It provides satisfying blissful joy of fresh hazelnut butter out of the jar.  

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What is center-filled Stroom nut Butter Bar?

Stroom's center-filled nut butter bar is a quick and easy on-the-go snack that consists of a nut butter center filling topped with different flavours of outer layers. It is an easy to chew bar with great mouthfeel and taste, designed as a healthier alternative to conventional snacking options.

When can you eat a Stroom Bar ?

Stroom bars are made to provide you with sustained energy for a period of two to three hours and can be eaten at any time throughout the day. It also works great as a quick snack for any hunger cravings one might have.

Can all Age Group Consume The Bar?

Yes, our bars are created by ingredients that are not genetically engineered. From children to older adults, all can safely consume Stroom bars.

What is the shelf life of Stroom Bar ?

Nine months

Where can I find a list of ingredients and nutritional information ?

Information about the ingredients and nutrients can be found in the photos provided along with our products.